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Listen to a sample! We would be happy to send you an estimate for your screenplay.

For producers, editors, authors and other creative professionals and decision-makers.
“Listen to your script” powered by dubdolls and prospeech Köln

dubdolls prospeech
Babylon was yesterday
When your script needs to be translated, when subtitles are missing, or when the leading actor has trouble getting the accent down: we
can help you. Our agency (dub)dolls has offices in Germany (Cologne and Berlin) and Switzerland (Winterthur). We offer script translations, dialogue coaching and the development of dialogue scripts in various languages. Utilizing our bi-national platform, we have established ourselves as translators of countless film-related projects, working with an international network of carefully selected authors, coaches and translators.
Translation Dolls

Translation of screenplays, subtitles, press material and legal documents

Language combinations on request
(among other languages also Lithuanian > English)

Dialogue Dolls

Dialogue Coaching and sound recordings of scripts

Languages on request
(extensive database of int'l speakers and coaches)

Research Dolls

Research and studies
(historic, environment-specific, etc.
We collaborate with highly qualified journalists and experts)

Languages on request

Training Dolls

Individual coaching for actors and children
(Preparation for castings, script analysis, character development, text doctoring, set supervision)

Languages on request

Transcription Dolls

Preparation and transcription of dialogue books
(with time codes)

Languages on request


Les dolls

All of our native speakers translate exclusively into their mother tongues.

Our translators know the craft of writing: They are all authors themselves.

We love the original version (with subtitles)!

Corinne Le Hong

Cologne, Germany

Excellent East-West relations between Vietnam and Germany give birth
to Corinne. She studies media relations in France and subsequently works for 20 years as assistant director for international feature films (inter alia with Wim Wenders, Tom Tykwer, Roland Emmerich and Jim Jarmusch). Corinne is currently active as a freelance translator/dialogue coach and director/author.

Mother tongue: German
Additional languages: English, French, Spanish                                more

Catherine Riva

Winterthur, Switzerland

The branches of Catherine’s family tree intertwine between Switzerland and Poland. She was born in Lausanne where she also studied French literature, linguistics and Russian. Catherine worked in the field of research and interpreted in Tiflis for the Red Cross before moving to the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Today, Catherine works as a freelance journalist, columnist and translator.

Mother tongue: French
Additional languages: German, Russian                                                 more

Our international client base includes large production companies as well as independent producers.
Corinne Le Hong
Lessingstr. 66
D - 50825 Köln
T +49 221 965 9066
F +49 221 965 9065
M +49 172 26 909 22
Catherine Riva
Rümikerstr. 112
CH - 8409 Wintertthur
T +41 52 534 72 24
F +41 52 534 72 23
M +41 76 369 36 24
Christa Pasch
Schlüterstr. 21
D - 10625 Berlin
M +49 177 76 95 990
Only coaching for children
and actors!!